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Insights from the black sea (V.5)

Well damn..............................

I woke up this morning and something just didn't feel right. I knew there was a gap in my routine, but didn't want to believe it. With foggy contacts in, I scurry to the the mirror and quickly realized that my progression pic wasn't taken before I went to bed last night. This means I have failed at my first attempt to complete the 75hard program..........

I stood there and stared in the mirror looking back at my old/new self wondering what should be my next move. I have to be transparent. The thought did cross my mind to push on and act like it didn't happen. (I was the only one who knew the picture wasn't taken after all). Then I thought about having to look in that mirror everyday knowing that I honestly didn't complete the program. Not to mention all the people who were supporting me through this would be bamboozled.

The weight was heavy on me, because I couldn't believe that something so simple could've been that easily forgotten. I guess it's like when you look at the the diagram of instructions instead of reading the steps to assemble. I had the item on my checklist and I checked the box before I took the pic with the intention to complete immediately after, and I got sidetracked. 24hrs later I stand frustrated at myself.

Then I took another look in the mirror and realized all was not lost. My journey was still continuing, this was just the ebb in my flow. I was still transforming, many positive things have taken place in the last 41 days that I wouldn't change for the world. I had to give myself grace, and as said many times if you have to fail, do it forward.

Today I reset and refocus. I will make sure to read each step and not look at the diagram. There is comfort in discomfort and I need to stay in that space.

Today is Day 1 of my 75Hard. Let's get it!



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